bicher-oncology-staff-doctors-photo-session-2015-8Bicher Cancer Institute is a modern, state of the art outpatient cancer center located in a 10,000 square feet facility in the heart of Los Angeles, CA. As pioneers in the field of hyperthermia research and treatment for a wide range of cancers, Dr. James Bicher and his team of experts have equipped the clinic with top of the line equipment and technology.

In order to better serve cancer patients seeking hyperthermia and radiation treatment for cancer in Los Angeles, Bicher Cancer Intitute is staffed with a well rounded team of highly trained medical and oncology experts, including:

  • Oncologists
  • Radiology experts
  • Nurses
  • Hyperthermia and radiology technicians
  • Engineers
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Our Work

Dr. James Bicher and the hyperthermia and cancer treatment experts at Bicher Cancer Institute in Los Angeles have decades of combined experience using heat to help shrink malignant tumors, in order to make them more responsive to traditional cancer treatment methods like radiation. Some studies have shown that hyperthermia may also make tumors more susceptible to the effects of certain cancer drugs as well.

In order to offer patients the best hyperthermia and radiation treatment options, Bicher Cancer Institute is equipped with the best medical and oncology equipment and technology available. The center can administer hyperthermia and radiation treatment to as many as 60 patients a day.

Bicher Cancer Institute in Los Angeles is equipped with:

  • Two linear accelerators with pinpointed radiation therapy – Allows Dr. Bicher and his team to zero in on tumors and target the hyperthermia and radiation treatments with greater accuracy, while also minimizing exposure of the surrounding healthy tissue.
  • Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) – Uses beams of varying size and intensity in order to conform to the shape of the tumor to administer treatment more accurately, and with less exposure to surrounding healthy tissue.
  • Research labs – Dr. Bicher and his team are at the forefront of the movement to develop hyperthermia treatments even further, and in turn make them as widely available as possible to as many patients as possible. Dr. Bicher and his team frequently publish their research and findings in many publications and journals worldwide.
  • Seven hyperthermia treatment rooms
  • Full radiation and medical oncology department

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“Fighting cancer with heat is no secret.
But it is an untouched weapon that holds remarkable potential.”

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James I. Bicher, MD
Founder & CEO,
Bicher Cancer Institute


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