3D Conformal Radiotherapy

3d-radiotherapyAlso known as 3-dimensional radiation therapy and 3D-CRT, 3D conformal radiotherapy is a modern, state of the art treatment modality available at Bicher Cancer Institute in Los Angeles. With the use of computer generated imaging techniques, the expert radiation therapists and oncologists at Bicher Cancer Institute can customize the dosage of each radiation treatment according to the size, location, and grade of each patient’s individual tumor or tumors.

One of the many benefits of this approach is that it allows the cancer specialists at Bicher Cancer Institute to administer the highest level of radiation possible to the tumor, while minimizing the exposure of surrounding healthy tissue to the radiation.

Making cancer treatments more precise and accurate with the use of 3D Conformal Radiotherapy can help not only to target tumors for the highest possibility of success in slowing their division and growth process. By sparing healthy tissue from exposure to radiation as much as possible, patients can also potentially experience less side effects and damage from the radiation treatments.

How Does 3D Conformal Radiotherapy Work?

The treatments are administered with a linear accelerator, a state of the art computer generated system that helps to calculate and project the appropriate dose of radiation to each patient. The radiation is then applied through a targeted beam delivered from outside of the patient’s body.

Because the makeup, location, size, and positioning of every tumor varies from patient to patient, the linear accelerator was designed to deliver multiple beams of radiation of varying intensity and from several different angles. This focused, highly targeted approach allows the radiologists at Bicher Cancer Institute to treat cancer with more accuracy and precision than ever before.

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How Long Does 3D Conformal Radiotherapy Take?

The length and duration of the course of radiation treatment will vary from patient to patient. Because this method was designed to offer specific, targeted treatment, the length and duration will depend on the type of cancer the patient is being treated for, and the size and location of the tumors, among other factors.

Treatment schedules can vary greatly depending on the goals, but some schedules may include treatment several times a day over the course of one or two weeks, or spread out over a longer time frame.

What type of cancer can be treated with 3D Conformal Radiotherapy?

Call Bicher Cancer Institute today to learn more about the wide range of cancers being treated in Los Angeles. Some of the many types of cancer that can be treated with 3D Conformal Radiotherapy at Bicher Cancer Institute include:

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