bicher-oncology-staff-doctors-photo-session-2015-19At Bicher Cancer Institute in Los Angeles, we believe that our patients should focus all of their time and energy on what really matters most – the healing process. Our highly trained and experienced staff’s goal is to handle all aspects of the billing and payments process, in order to give our patients the peace of mind and tranquility they deserve.

We worry about things like claims processing, talking to insurance companies, and cutting through the red tape so that the patient doesn’t have to.

When faced with a cancer diagnosis, we believe that the only thing a patient should focus on is getting better. Therefore Bicher Cancer Institute works to make the billing and payment process as efficient and stress free as possible for every patient that comes through our doors.

Billing and Insurance

Q: What type of insurance does Bicher Cancer Institute accept?
A: We accept private insurance and all PPO insurance plans.

Q: Does Bicher Cancer Institute accept Medicare and MediCAL?
A: Yes. Medicare & MediCAL plans are accepted at Bicher Cancer Institute.

Q: Can I pay for my cancer treatments at Bicher Cancer Institute with cash?
A: Yes. Bicher Cancer Institute accepts patients that prefer to pay for all or part of their treatments with cash.

Q: Does Bicher Cancer Institute offer payment plans or financial assistance for cancer treatments?
A: The cancer specialists at Bicher Cancer Institute have years of experience working with the insurance and billing process, and will help every patient to navigate the process. We take on the burden so that our patients won’t have to.

Let us help

Do you have questions or concerns about the financial costs of cancer treatments?

At Bicher Cancer Institute in Los Angeles, we believe that no patient should have to worry or feel any stress and burden about the payment process for lifesaving cancer treatment. Call one of our cancer experts in Los Angeles today to learn more about the payment options available for your cancer treatment.

“Fighting cancer with heat is no secret.
But it is an untouched weapon that holds remarkable potential.”

Headshot of James Bicher
James I. Bicher, MD
Founder & CEO,
Bicher Cancer Institute


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