Patient Testimonials


The staff at Bicher Cancer Institute, from Dr. Bicher, Dr. Bell, and Dr. Wolfstein, down to the nurses, radiology technicians, and administrative staff, work tirelessly to serve every patient to the best of their ability and expertise. The goal of Bicher Cancer Institute is to make hyperthermia for cancer treatment as safe, comfortable, and readily available to as many patients as possible in the Los Angeles area, and around the world.

Applying what they have learned over the course of several decades, through research as well as the clinical application of heat to make tumors more responsive to traditional cancer treatments like radiation, the Bicher Cancer Institute team has worked with many satisfied patients from all walks of life.

Patient Testimonials

After 4 1/2 months of treatment at the “Bicher Cancer Institute”,using hyperthermia and low dose radiation, I left for home cancer free. Bladder intact and with full male functionality. Despite what my urologist said, which was surgery. My many thanks to Dr. Bicher and Dr. Wolfstein for everything. And to the wonderful staff at the institute my many blessings for making my stay as pleasant as possible.
-Ronald K. 2014

This place was a miracle. I can’t believe that everyone hasn’t heard about Bicher Cancer Institute. Cancer free and enjoying life!
Despite what you might hear, this place is honestly one of the worlds best kept secrets around. I am so glad I came here for my treatment. Was the best experience I’ve ever encountered for cancer treatment.
-Kaitlyn B. 2011

Really down to earth faculty and staff. They really treat you like your one of their own. I really appreciated that they go above and beyond to literally go out of their way to make you as comfortable as possible. I love you BCI.
-Amanda M. 2010

Thank you BCI. From the doctors to all employees you guys made our stay one to remember. My daughter is especially very grateful and thankful that you have given me a second chance.
-Judith 2012

Dr. Ham Bicher, I have had a strong pull on my heart to thank you for allowing my daughter and I to stay in apartment 204 at a reduced rate. There are several life lessons that I have learned over the time since my daughter became seriously ill. Number one; be appreciative, be thankful, recognize the interconnectedness of all life. Understand that the doctors, nurses and all the people who assist you in the many ways are an ongoing miracle in itself. People who devote their lives to helping others are the highest level people one can hope to spend their time and company in. People who are in healing and eradicating cancer can be the ones who do the most to align themselves to what it will take to become healed, whole and healthy. They are diligent, faithful and loving in the face of a society who does not believe in their restoration and healing. The doctor is the number one most important person except for god in the patients healing. A doctor must be well versed in the art of, “the placebo effect” while being tiressly faithful and invested in the therapies they offer patients. Doctors are like demi-gods and must be very careful to be good ones.I will tell you that having this apartment is making all the difference and Jasmine is getting a lot healthier now that we have a stable and ongoing place to heal and restore. The apartment manager is very kind; the atmosphere is secure and meets our needs. I want you to know that I am very thankful and hope and pray that Jasmine will continue to get healthy and that she will be completely restored. I am a mother who knows that this young woman will have the ability to help many people and make this world and earth and people on it a more heavenly place, when she regains her health. We are praying morning and night for a miracle and so are many other people, for her.It has been rocky and this last week she has not thrown up even one time. Her appetite is coming back and she is eating at least three times a day. Her cancer is regressing as far as I can see and tell. My many blessing and thanks to you and EVERYONE who works at the Bicher Institute. We feel loved, cared for, and we are feeling supported and as a result hopeful.
– Dawn (2014)

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“Fighting cancer with heat is no secret.
But it is an untouched weapon that holds remarkable potential.”

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James I. Bicher, MD
Founder & CEO,
Bicher Cancer Institute


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