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linac2Bicher Cancer Institute offers hyperthermia cancer treatments combined with low dose radiation to patients suffering from many different forms of cancer. The use of heat, in conjunction with radiation, can help to shrink certain tumors, and make them more susceptible to the radiation, and in some cases more responsive to certain types of cancer drugs as well.

Types of Radiation Treatment

There are several delivery methods and types of radiation, depending on the location and type of tumors being treated.

  • External – The radiation is administered in the form of high energy rays that target malignant cells from outside of the body, through a machine.

The most common forms of cancer treated with radiation include:

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Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)

IMRT allows Bicher Cancer Institute to deliver various levels of radiation in one dose, allowing the treatment to target the cancerous cells, while minimizing exposure of surrounding healthy tissue. The varying levels of intensity of the radiation are controlled by computer, according to the location, shape and size of the tumors.

bicher-oncology-staff-doctors-photo-session-2015-23External Beam Radiation Therapy

EBRT is administered through a linear accelerator. High-energy external radiation beams penetrate the tissues and deliver the radiation directly to the cancer cells.

EBRT is usually an outpatient procedure lasting 6 to 8 weeks. The radiation can target a specific organ, or a larger area such as lymph nodes.

Three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy (3D-CRT)

The use of CT scans and computers for EBRT can help Bicher Cancer Institute deliver a much more precise and targeted dose of radiation to the patient. Known as three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy, or 3D-CRT, this therapy can also help to preserve surrounding healthy tissue from radiation exposure. It can also help the technician determine necessary dosages more accurately.

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